Home Strung EP 2013

by Heather Van Cleve

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released January 1, 2013



all rights reserved


Heather Van Cleve Santa Rosa, California

Raised by evil gnomes in the forest of Nomme de plume. She sang herself to sleep.

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Track Name: Renew
I was there, there when the robin cried
When all of the leaves had died
I sang that song to you
As your eyes filled with pride

Stories sweet, swift as the angels feet
Capturing, conjuring into their reverie
Tears that you washed away

Oh, so much to know
So much to teach
So much to show me
How will I ever learn?

Blossoms fade
A new one awakening
I sense my heart's breaking
You whisper it's building
That it's building anew

In your gaze, I see the mountains raise
I see the ocean waves
They're crashing and tumbling
Oh they refine and renew

Blossoms fade
A new one awakening
Blossoms fade
A new one awakening
Blossoms fade
I feel my heart breaking
You whisper
It's building anew.
Track Name: Us Babes
We play as children do
Rolling in the thick muddy laughter
Forgetting what we've seen
Oh and what we claim to know

Shedding our shame
So we can dig a hole in the backyard
Just to see what's beneath the earth.


Stretch our toes in the sunlight
Wake as if we're just born
See no distinction
Between us and them and that and there
Today and tomorrow,

Tomorrow's just another word
That the grown-ups use

oooooooo la di da.....

We are invincible.

And we are overflowing
And we are ticklish and grass-stained
and laughing and we are
And we are ticklish and grass-stained
And laughing

And our breath catches in our chests at the sight:
Tears of miraculous joy

Sweet on lips
At the sight of us being

Us babes, us babes
At being a part of something

A part of so much beauty.